Taiwanese ‘ji pai’ Found In Toronto!!

Today was a lovely day because I finally found ‘ji pai’ (Taiwanese-style fried chicken) in Toronto at the “Night It Up!” Night Market in Markham. I have waited soo long for this moment!! Gratitude cascades over me…My belly is so full and round! I am in actual Heaven! 😀

Example of jipai

Example of jipai

Is it weird that great food excites me so?

If you are also a huge fan, the vendor is called “Dat Chick Craze” (I know…what?) and you can follow them on Twitter at @datchickcraze. Sadly enough, they are only around in the summer at festivals, but at least they tweet where they’ll be next. I shall be stalking them all summer long!

#groupietime #itcouldbesad if it wasn’t #sodamnyummy #youknowyouwantit


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