A Love Letter on Valentine’s Day

To My Dear Jonathan,

This year, our Valentine’s Day was packed to the gills with work, and yet you still managed to surprise me at the office with this lovely bouquet:

Thank you for helping me to show you off to the girls. 😛

And thank you for breaking up the stressful, though monotonous routine of my day, by taking me out for a quick bite of lunch as well!

Later on, instead of letting me make my customary 75-minute commute home alone through the crowded, smelly transit system of the city, thank you for picking me up at work and driving me home.

To find this surprise on my dresser:

You know orchids are my favorite! 🙂

And, as if that weren’t enough, you then wined and dined me at the classy, swanky Milestones Grill + Bar, where we enjoyed their tasty fare, along with hundreds of other sweethearts.

But, although the company around us was quite amusing – to the point of uncontrollable laughter – the best part of the night was you.

It’s always all about you. Thank you for being you:

As they say, when we’re together, even the coldest day feels warm.

I love you, my Sweets, and I always will! Happy Valentine’s Day! Mwah! xxx


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