Christmas Wish List!

To all ye lovely Farmer Family members:

It’s Christmas Time again! Yay! 🙂

As per Lizzi, please list your Christmas wishes/needs here, for the benefit and convenience of your Secret Santa!

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20 responses to “Christmas Wish List!

  1. Please note that Jono and Joyce are only one entity, for the purpose of thriftyness this year… 🙂

    Here are some things we need:

    – Dining Room Table and 4 Chairs (Preferably Dark Wood, Rectangle-sized. Does not/should not need to be fancy or expensive.)
    – External (Portable) Hard Drive
    – MP3 player
    – Gift card to Home Depot, Canadian Tire, Future Shop, or Best Buy
    – Ottoman/Coffee table (Dark Brown, small)

    Will add more later…

  2. An 18 volt impact drill Ryobi
    Or a lithium battery and charger for Ryobi drill
    Or a multi-tool starter kit by Ryobi, Milwaukee, or by Ridgid
    A set of drill bits any brand

  3. I’d like the same kind of Hugo Boss perfume that Ally gave me once.
    Long-sleeved tops to wear at home.
    New pair of jeans (Urban planet ones are fine.)

  4. Changing it, disregard my other post, just a good straightener NO CONAIR, or a clean start dermalogica facial kit.

  5. I like the Purfume called Aqua di Gioia,
    Also need some good jeans… but will be hard to buy them if I’m not there trying them on. Also like a red wool coat. But really I’ll be happy with anything. 🙂

  6. The kids are pleased with anything. I wouldn’t mind them getting new Pj’s. or a educational cause and affect toy.

  7. Or we can all pitch in for year passes to the Zoo… it would be two adults and could be for Liam Eric and Sean….

  8. Just wanted to say i’ll be happy with whatever i receive for Christmas, just these are things that i would really appreciate!
    -Good brand hair curling wand
    -LuLuLemon exercise pants/tops
    -Room organizers, from ikea
    -loose leaf tea maker from teaopia or such
    -Stella in Two perfume, or Burberry Body perfume


  9. Also Juggernaut action figure toy
    Transformer: Revenge of the fallen for wii
    Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 (can be used copy) at EB games

  10. I know this is a huge long list, because it’s just my own list that I’m knocking off, but you know, I don’t mind if you pick something that’s not on this list. I would like mainly practical things, and needs…I posted links(need to copy/paste them) for examples, since I dunno if you’ll understand my explanations. But you can get me whatever you want too …obviously…cuz I love, love, love surprises!!!

    – NO more shoes! I don’t need anymore, but a shoe RACK would be nice! 🙂 Preferably wooden…cuz I’m SO concerned about matching…hehe
    – I have two square cushion covers for my bed that match my sheet set, so I’d like to find cushions that fit those(62cmX61cm which is about 24in.X24in,, but cushions can be slightly smaller as long as they are fluffy, heh) 

    – A queen-sized quilt cover to match my reddish/burgundy-ish linens…you’ve all seen them, right? (And you’ve no doubt seen my big pinkish quilt that needs covering)….If not matching that color then Black, Cream, or Grey is fine, or whatever you think is a good match…don’t really have a color scheme in my room, except varying shades of wood…heh. 

    – Foldable, Wall-mounted, wooden towel hanger…has arms that fold out to hang towels to dry, as in, takes up as little space as possible, but still can let the towels spread all out to dry nicely 
    (These are just a couple examples, but anything those functions will do: )

    – Thin entrance rugs to cover the doorstep to my room(Maybe something that clings to the floor so the door won’t move it) and the cold-room doorstep

    – Plant pot that has a hole in the bottom and a matching plate to catch the water. 

    -Thin, flexible desk lamp

    (I’d like painting equipment for my parties: Good examples on these websites, but you can find painting stuff wherever you like: , , )  

    – #0 paintbrush,

    – #1 paintbrush, 

    – flat paintbrush(with width of 1.5 inches or more), 

    – medium density round sponges, or wedges
    ( ,

    – sponge cleaner, 

    – paintbrush cleaner(specifically made for preserving lifespan of brushes), 

    – paint cakes case(something like a flat case that has circles cut out as spaces for the paint cakes, which looks like these: , )

    – paintbrush holder(something that you can stick paintbrushes into and they will stay in even if the case is turned upside down…um, no I don’t have examples of this, i just see it in my mind!! ….but maybe something like this: )

    – Some kind of nice, happy-looking, rolling case that will fit my paints, baby wipes, brushes, sponges, small folding chair/table, etc without squishing anything….ya no pics for that yet…still in my mind… 

    – Card-holder for our facepainting business cards.

    – Padded laptop sleeve for my 11″ HP. This is the computer:  

    – iPod earphones that have the microphone on the side and the start/stop button
    (this is a good deal, but expires in 3 days: )

    – Lunchbag/box that is waterproof, as in if something leaks in in, it won’t spill out. And a thermos that is watertight as well. Smallish so that they may fit in my purse or computer bag.

    – Digital piggy-bank for change

    – Earring/jewelry holder, like those pretty mannequin-looking things that stand upright and have arms and hooks for hanging earrings, rings and jewelry, or something like

    – I love books…Interesting ones…about investing, economics, project management, accounting, or construction….but everything in latest updates/versions. 

    – I reeeeeally want to go to a classical concert/ballet thing, like the Handel’s Messiah concert, but ya that might be unrealistic

    – A hair cut

    – A massage that lasts like a day or two…

  11. I really have all that I need, but if I was lacking just one or two things to make me very truly happy, please see list below:

    1. Left breast implant
    2. Right breast implant

    If this is too expensive, the preceding list could be broken down into a more affordable option and would look something like this:

    1. Donations toward half of left breast implant
    2. Donations toward the other half of left breast implant
    3. Donations toward half of right breast implant
    4. Donations toward the other half of right breast implant

    Thank you all for considering, and the more contribution the better, as I’m aiming for double D’s, but depending on what people can give, I’ll settle for single D’s or even C’s.

    Merry Christmas everyone !

  12. Scratch the desk lamp, the pot plant, and the rolling case for facepainting. Don’t need those yet.

    Also for quilt cover colors I like olive green or medium brown as well


  13. @Jeanine …Everybody, specify in your donations to Jeanine’s boob job, that you are ONLY donating to her left breast…never the right, and let’s see how big we can get that one!!! 😛

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