To My Dear Tumnus…

Happy belated, young man, young fawn.

I know it’s late, and I apologize profusely! These days I don’t get much time on the computer, what with all the work – and you still have not sent us your phone number so we can call you instead! (Do it now!)

Nonetheless, I hope your big day was fun, even though you didn’t get to spend it with me – your favorite friend (come to think of it now, that must have been very very tough for you…), and that you got to do whatever you wanted, wherever you wanted, for as long as you wanted! 🙂 You know you deserve it.

Thank you, Tommy, for your never-ending generosity, your patience, your humour, your voice of reason, and your love. Thank you for being there for me through difficult times, and for being my knight in shining armour! Most of all, thank you for being one of my dearest friends, and someone I could always confide  in. You know I think the world of you! Mwah! xxx

Here are some of my favourite photos of you, for ol’ times sake:

Best wishes for another exciting year full of surprises! Happy 26th and climbing! Hurry and grow up already…It’s lovely up here. 🙂


One response to “To My Dear Tumnus…

  1. Thanks Gabri! I was appalled at the way you forgot my b-day, but I knew you were busy…I forgave, after much gnashing of teeth. Love you!!

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