Up in the Air…

So, God has spoken…

For those of you who don’t know yet, Jono and I will be flying back to our beloved Canada on April 26th, Tuesday. We would appreciate your thoughts and prayers for our preparation to leave, and also for all the needed funds to set up there. If you could keep Jono in your prayers as well – for the speedy and complete healing of his leg. Thank you!

We will certainly miss South Africa and everything it means to us! I hope we can come back one day!

There is probably no one we will miss more than Phil and Stephie, who have been our bestest buddies here, as they sat listening to our every exclamation and culture-shock paranoia; laughing, crying and screaming with us; working with us, and working through tough times alongside us. You guys are the best and we will think of you fondly and often! You’d better miss us too! 😛 Remember our conditions for visiting you in Reunion, and we’ll hopefully see you soon! 😉

Thank you to everyone else who has also been a help in time of need for us – especially Eduan and Tina, the Lynnwood Home, and our very own Val-de-Grace! You have helped to make our time here in South Africa something we will never forget!

We love you!! xxx


2 responses to “Up in the Air…

  1. I’m going to miss you two like crazy! Who’s going to make fun of me when you leave? 🙂 Seriously, you are some of the best people I know and saying good bye won’t be easy.

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