– Just when I thought it had never happened to me… 😦

Well, true to the South African news, there are robbers, burglars, and low-lifes prowling around. Though I have been very blessed to never have an encounter with them, almost everyone I know here has. It’s the strangest thing too – I had a feeling the other day that something like this would happen…

“Oh be careful little thoughts what you think…” 😦

So, while we were busy entertaining in a mall out of town, our car was stolen, and with it all our valuables that were inside – including my laptop and hard drives containing every file I’ve ever owned. Sniff… Of course, it’s fully my fault. Who ever puts that stuff all together in a car, right? To be fair, you should have seen the motel we were staying at. I most certainly did not want to leave that stuff there. But, oh well. Lesson learned. Although I was quite furious at the time, thank the Lord I’m over it now and He’s given me a peace about it. Time to start all over again…

The Lord actually brought to our attention many good things out of this seeming tragedy:

  • We were able to witness deeply to the manager of the store in the mall where we were entertaining at, since we had no where else to go.
  • We were not harmed in any way, though many people even lose their lives in a robbery in this country.
  • We had brought all of our funds into the mall with us, and so we didn’t lose any of our days’ earnings.
  • We got good practice in humility training, asking for help to do anything or go anywhere, as we were without a vehicle.

And thank the Lord for His mercy in the tracking company finding the car on the side of the road! Though, of course, all of our belongings were gone, at least we got out car back, and we are busy with the insurance company now sorting out reimbursements. PTL! 🙂

We’d like to ask for prayer for financial supply, as well as any donations or gifts you may have that you would be gracious enough to send to us here in Africa. We took quite a hit in our finances with this robbery, with up to about $1,200 worth of possessions and products stolen that need replacing immediately. We would really appreciate any and all help if you can! Thank you so much in advance, and God bless you!


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