Self-Discovery Mastery Seminars

I have been privileged to attend Life Coaching seminars here in Pretoria, taught by Francois Janse van Rensburg, a certified Life Coach and Master Coach Trainer from Let’s Live! Life Coaching.

Although there are many things he teaches that I already know to be true, the majority are eye-opening and mind-bending. I have received many learnings! 🙂

A few surprisingly relevant learnings were:

  • Who I actually am
  • What really makes me happy
  • What I value most in my life
  • What my dreams are
  • How my mind works
  • What my core focus filters are
  • Why I am addicted to certain things
  • That I can change what I don’t like about myself
  • Just how much I influence others

We all received our own inch-thick wooden board at the start of both of the seminars. We were told to write down our dreams on one side of the board, and on the other side, write the obstacles that keep us from fulfilling those dreams. At the end of each seminar, we were told to break through those obstacles to get to our dreams, by breaking the board! And, though of course I didn’t think I could, I did it! My dreams actually feel within reach!

I certainly recommend this seminar  training for anyone who is planning to succeed in life – the easier, smarter way!

Here are some photos from the seminars:

You can visit the Let’s Live! Coaching website here, for more information.


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