Turning 26…

Mike Krome is my new hero. Just sayin…

He is one of the few people who I got to share my birthday with this year. And he drew me this lovely caricature for my birthday prezzie:

Don’t I look pretty? 🙂

It’s interesting to see how more and more I prefer smaller crowds and that personal connection with someone that you can’t find in a blaring, roaring kareoke bar…heh. That said, thank you to everyone who did show up at the bar, and to those who got me prezzies. It was very sweet of you! You’re wonderful!

A few of us went out to see “The Other Guys” in cinema as well. That film is HILARIOUS, is all I have to say. If you haven’t seen it yet, you should. End of story. 🙂

My lovely sister took me out to eat some delish Chinese food the next day. (I love you, Lizzi! Mwah!) Of course, the entourage of curious ‘white people’ came along to eat, as well. Their foolish 外國人 questions and antics have nicely provided us with amusement for the rest of the year!

And, my darling boyfriend called me just at the right time to tell me how much he loves me and wishes he was here with me. Me too, my Love, me too… 😦

Here are some photos:


3 responses to “Turning 26…

  1. Love the caricature! You look great! I’m glad you enjoyed your birthday and that your friends and family were there to make you feel loved you certainly are! xxx

  2. He made you look like a different nationality, but either than that, it’s cute. 😛
    Looks like you had fun. Love you tons! (I want that Chinese food!!) xox

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