Happy 18th, Pesty Loo!

Happy Birthday to my sweet n’ sexy shister, Celeste!

Today I was thinking about that quote that goes something like,

“There are three stages of a woman’s life: young, old, and gorgeous!”

So, here’s to my gorgeous sister! It’s not like you needed to turn 18 to shine, but the whole world is lookin’ at you now! 😉

Thank you for being an encouragement and example to me of staying happy and calm in spite of life’s common disasters! I know you’ve been through some rough stuff the past year, and yet you’re still smiling and laughing away! That’s a gift. Keep it up!

I hope this next year will treat you well and that you’ll receive much more in return for all the love you’ve been putting out there into the Universe! I pray you’ll discover just what your goals are, and reach them! – And also that you’ll find a prize-winning costume for tonight! 😛

Have fun and party hard! You’re 18 now; you deserve it! I love you! Mwah! xxx


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