Taiwan Pics 05

And here are the last pics from Taiwan, mostly taken in the gorgeous city of Hualian.

A friend of ours put us up in her lovely house for a few days, that was walking distance from the mountains in one direction and from the beach in the other. This was my actual dream house, it’s not even funny. – Wooden high ceilings, a perfectly manicured lawn and yard, one handsome playful puppy, a real live attic (heh), a huge clean kitchen, very earthy, but tasteful decor throughout the house, and aircons in every room! 😛 Her husband works with leather and wood and had hand-carved some of their furniture! They had 14 different fruits and vegetables growing on the property, not to mention about 20 varieties of bright flowers and adorable little plants. And, to top it all off, she drinks Yellow Tail Cabernet!! Classy, I tell you… 🙂

I do think that Hualian is the most beautiful city in Taiwan. Truth.

I also got to see Cristina and the kids on one of my last days in Taiwan. The kids are so big now and all talking away. Of course, they’re still polite as ever. I was surprised that they remembered me! Aww…I miss you munchkins already! And Cristina, you’re an excellent role model of a mother. Don’t read into that! I’m just saying… 😛

(I’m sorry about the awful settings on my camera, making everything yellow!)


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