I arrived safely in SA this morning, thank the Lord! It’s so nice to finally be back home after so long away. My bed is simply fantastical. Oh, how it has missed me! And the weather here right now is just perfect! 🙂

Thank you all who prayed for my trip. Even though I had quite a few travel incidents happen that I wasn’t particularly a fan of, at least I made it here in one piece!

I still have a suitcase waiting in Taiwan that I’ll have to have shipped over here (they only let me take one check-in bag. Sniff…), so there’s a new prayer request for you, if you have a chance.

I took Jet Airlines (which is an Indian airline) from HK to SA, with a 3-hour stopover in Mumbai in the middle of the night. It wasn’t something I would repeat, but it was certainly an interesting experience. And I didn’t even have to leave the airport! Ha.

Things I found most interesting about my short Indian cultural encounter:

  • Everyone wears flip-flops to travel, even the men in suits.
  • We had to separate into ‘Ladies’ and ‘Gentlemen’ for the security check, and the ladies get to go first. 🙂
  • All the Indians speak to each other in English that is so thickly accented, you wonder how they understand each other, and why they don’t just speak in Hindi.
  • Apparently I could pass as any number of nationalities, as I was spoken to in German, Afrikaans, Hindi, Cantonese, Indonesian, and Portuguese.
  • Nobody queues. They all just sort of crowd around the boarding gate and see who pushes the hardest.
  • I had my boarding  pass and passport checked 7 times by 7 different officers, in the 3 minutes it took me to get from the boarding gate to my seat on the plane. I guess they really are paranoid about random civilian stowaways.
  • No one wears their seat belts on the plane, even when we were landing.
  • It was a special request for me to have a non-vegetarian meal, and I was one of the only ones.
  • When they say, “Please prepare yourself for landing,” they really do mean it! Out of control!

I made a friend of the nice British chap sitting next to me on the flight, and together we tried to decipher the slightly English announcements made, and smile through the endless curry! We also had some good talks about life and its meaning, and helping others. I thank the Lord for that man, God bless his heart.

Anyways! All together from beginning to end, it was a 28-hour trip, and I am exhausted! I’m also all traveled out, and seriously cannot think of packing one more bag, standing in one more queue, taking one more shuttle bus, or eating one more pretzel! 😛

God willing, I won’t have to for a long time…


2 responses to “Arrived!

  1. Back after all these long years are you? I’ll be revenged as I may for this extended furlough…xoxo

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