Hiatus…and Happy Birthday!

Oh Lordie Lord! After the last six days, I physically feel 40 years older and 25 years dumber! Don’t even ask. I just thank God that it’s over with and I can take a small break. 🙂


We musn’t forget our dear Leo friendlies this month. Happy birthday to the whole lot of you. In truth, I know far too many Leos to honor properly here, not to mention that I am also far too tired. (I kinda want to curl up and sleep until Jesus comes back, to give you an idea.) But, I have to say that the world would not be the same without any of you, and I’m blessed to know you.

And some of you in particular are just extra special! 😉 You know who you are. (Hint: You own large pieces of real estate in my heart!)

Happy Birthday Leos! 🙂

Thank you for being so bold and beautiful!


3 responses to “Hiatus…and Happy Birthday!

  1. Pick me! I’m extra special :P….wait that doesn’t sound so good ha, special to you!

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