First Week in Taiwan

Here I sit, melting on the surface of the sun. It is a literal sauna all around me. I see you nodding your heads sympathetically thinking, “Yes, yes, I know how you feel.” NO! You do not! You have NO idea whatsoever, unless of course you happen to be Mia, who is sitting next to me at her laptop. In that case, fine. I see you’re dripping with sweat as well…

I do not fathom how it is possible that I lived here for 7 summers in a row, and I’m still prosperously round, alive and kicking! I guess there are some things that you conveniently forget. Unless I should believe what the locals are saying, that the weather has actually gotten hotter and hotter every year.


Well, I’ve been here a week now. Delta finally got ahold of my luggage (and their brains) and sent it yesterday morning. I’ve been walking around in borrowed clothes and shoes since arriving. I’ve never lost my luggage before on a flight, and I was quite distraught. I think it actually ruined my first week here.

Well, that and the fact that Brazil and Germany were beaten at their best game. This whole World Cup deal has been quite sad. I was so shocked that I couldn’t speak.

Or that could have also been because I’ve lost my voice somewhere between here and DouLiu down south. I’ve been shouting at the top of my lungs to a deaf audience of students. The poor sweethearts, they finally came through, when given their time to shine. I taught them a funky dance to “It’s My Life/Confessions”, by the Glee Cast, for the Closing Ceremony auditions. And we were chosen to represent! They were amazing!

You know who else has been amazing? Philip Walter. That man is a jewel. Thank you so much, Phil for all you’ve done for me. I’ve been so lost since coming back, and you’ve been there every time I’ve needed help. Thank you a million times and more!

But…sigh. I miss you, Toronto!

– And especially you, my love.


One response to “First Week in Taiwan

  1. NO! you’re grateful for ME! I’ve saved your life – at least, I think I have. We had pizza together! Did that mean NOTHING?!

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