Pizza and wine

Jono and I went over for a pizza dinner with my family last night – the pizza was courtesy of Gabe. Thanks, Gabe – it was delicioso!

And Mom and Dad are here! 😀 They drove up from Mexico, starting out last week and arriving Tuesday night. It’s so nice to see them, after almost two years. Julie is sooo tall, and Sean talks now! Ha ha…my, what you miss of your family growing up whilst you’re gallivanting around the world! (Yes, I mean me.)

Anyhoo, apparently, in some countries it’s customary to serve wine with pizza. So, we had the pleasure of tasting wines from Chile, Italy and Australia, along with our pepperoni and mushrooms. Of course, Dad the Connoisseur was there to point out all those little-known facts about each wine at the table. Bless his heart. My vino contribution was a Yellow Tail Cabernet. Thanks to Dad, I’m all about ‘the Cabs’, as Gabe calls them. 😛

Here are a few photos:

Ha ha, Bobby was my photo gallery star, sneaking his way into almost every one. Such a fatty!


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