My Angel

Lizzi, you’re my angel! I love you, and you know it too. I would not have made it this far without you in my life, because you make everything so much easier to bear!
I know you’re going through some very tough times right now with your health and different changes over there, and it breaks my heart that I’m not there with you to care for you, and tell you that it will all be okay in the end, like you always have for me. But I can remind you that you’ve pulled through so many battles and trials in the past, and I know you’ll be the victor once again. Keep on keeping on!

In your new year, I hope you find that which you are looking for. I wish you peace and contentment, visions and goals, health and beauty, challenges with the means to meet them, and so much more. Most of all, I wish you happiness – that whatever you are doing, and wherever you are, you will find joy following, leading and surrounding you!

Happy 24th Birthday, my sweet girl! I’ll be home soon! I promise! 🙂

Here are some pretty pics of you that I dug up from the past year (and a couple from the years before…). It’s been so nice to be able to live with you and snap pics with you whenever I want to!

(So sorry this is late! I tried to call you three times yesterday, but the signal was busy every time, so I’ll try again today and see if I have better luck!)


One response to “My Angel

  1. Thanks so much Joyce!!! I don’t know what you’re talking about me helping you. But I love you and miss having you to take care of me too. SO sad that my family couldn’t be here for my b-day….but then you’d all stay away from me anyhow, cuz of the measles. hehe….love you, thanks so much for calling. I’m feeling a little better now. Though I think I lost some brain power through the whole ordeal…which is unfair when you haven’t got much to start with! 😦 xxxx

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