Little Champion

Dearest Reife,

You turned 3 years old yesterday, my sweets! I’m glad we got to go over to see you to celebrate your birthday with you this year! Shame we only were able to stay a short while, but I do hope you had fun anyhow, and that you liked the candles!

I picked out your present just for you, because I know how much you like cars and also how much you like sitting. 🙂 Don’t you just love it? It’s nice and bright too, so that it will catch your eye and be tempting enough to invite you over for a smooth ride!

I’ve been praying for you so much, did you know that? I miss your smile and your laugh. I miss your naughty giggle too, and the way you would even just side smirk when you knew you were doing something cute for an audience. I miss your funny-sounding words and gibberish, and I especially miss how you would call me “Annie Doyce?”.

But, you’re so special to Jesus that I just know He’s going to do a miracle and heal you straight up. You’ll be right as rain in no time at all, and we’ll all be able to hear you laugh again and see your beautiful smile! Don’t you worry!

I love you so incredibly much, and I hope you feel more loved this year than ever. Happy Birthday Champ!

Click here for a couple more photos!


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