23 Good Reasons Why it isn’t Puppy Love

Happy Birthday to the most wonderful man in the world! I wouldn’t have it any other way. Who’d have ever thought, eh? Ha ha… I still wake up every morning so surprised that you’re there lying next to me. It’s surreal, I tell you. Thank You Lord for how good You are to me! I really don’t deserve it.

So anyways, I thought I could be a generic copycat – and Queen of Sap – by posting 23 reasons why I love you! But, dear Lord, what to choose? There are far too many to think of… I love you like you don’t even know! 🙂

Well, here goes anyways! I love…

  1. Your smile
  2. How much you love the Lord and put Him in first place
  3. Your cheerful and positive attitude. And your faith; it’s such a good sample to me
  4. Your sexy singing voice! Ahh…
  5. How understanding you are of me, even though you’re pretending most of the time!
  6. Your gift of prophecy, and how you go to the Lord for even the little things
  7. How you like to spend time with me
  8. Your wicked sense of humor
  9. How you listen when I talk…well, most of the time anyways… 🙂
  10. How you respect me and what I believe
  11. That you aren’t ashamed of me
  12. How quick you are to forgive
  13. That you’re not afraid of commitment
  14. How you’re always willing to communicate and talk it out
  15. How quickly you bounce back
  16. That you always tell me you love me
  17. How you compliment me all the time, even when I look like a homeless person
  18. Your affectionate nature, especially your hugs and kisses!
  19. How you always put me and the things I’m most concerned about above yourself and your own concerns
  20. That you like a lot of the same things I like – namely ‘The Office’ and Sudoku! 😛
  21. That you’re so passionate about everything you say and do (the actual KING of Rant!)
  22. That you’re so handy, like you wouldn’t even believe
  23. That you love me!

I hope you love your prezzies and can find some good use for them! I’m so thankful to be here on your birthday, even though it wasn’t in my original plan! You sneaky little bugger and your sneaky little prayers! Heh.

Thank you for always putting up with me, my Love. I know it can’t be easy. You really are amazing! I’m sure the Lord is storing up rewards for you in Heaven.

I’m praying for you in this new year to find your future and fulfill your dreams! And I wish you nothing less than the best, because God knows I love you, Bubby.

Mwah! xxx


6 responses to “23 Good Reasons Why it isn’t Puppy Love

  1. Darling, so glad to see you so happy in love! God knows you deserve it! Happy Late Birthday to Jono from me as well. Miss you fiercely kid 🙂

  2. Aww…miss you tons more! 😦 Jono says thanks! I can’t believe you’re going off to Europe without me! Grrr…

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