Proudly Canadian

It’s been a long time…

Well, the truth is I’ve been having a hard time getting online as of late, and an even harder time staying calm and happy in spite of chasing my nerves around the block and back. None of that will make much sense to you, I know, since I haven’t yet explained my extended absence from home. But I will. I will.
For now, however, I will help you to relive – IMHO – the most exciting Winter Olympic season ever!

Here are some photos from the epic Team Canada hockey gold medal game. Even though we had a temporary non-fatal heart stroke in the last 24 seconds (resulting in the snowball pummeling of sweet American Kevin!), thank God that He had His righteous way in the end! Amen?

You’ll notice how quickly Kev became weepy as he hung his head in shame… Awww…Just how proud are you to be a Canadian?


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