Doppelgänger Week

Latest Facebook Status Trend:

“It’s Doppelgänger week. Change your profile picture to someone famous you have been told you resemble.”

These are the three women that I have been told I look like pretty much my whole life, no matter where I have traveled in the world. I understand the two chinky ones, but seriously, J. Lo?? I can’t imagine why…


(Wikipedia Definition:)

A doppelgänger is the ghostly double of a living person. In the vernacular,  the word has come to refer to any double or look-alike of a person.


3 responses to “Doppelgänger Week

  1. You look the most like Michelle Kwan outta those 3….but I still think you have quite a unique face. In a good way! Your very pretty.

  2. The J.Lo is prolly in reference to your large booty, my dear, that’s about it, but that’s a compliment, you know we all love your bootylicious looks 😉

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