Christmas 2009

Well, as predicted, the Christmas season was very different for me. However, it was still lovely as ever, and I’m so thankful to have been able to be here with my family and many old friends. Thank the Lord for His little blessings! 🙂

We had actually only gotten a Christmas tree a few days before Christmas day, but it was so pretty and cute just in time. I spent the next two full days wrapping my and everyone else’s presents, dear Lord. Ha. You’ll see from the pics how proud I was of my handiwork! 😛

We had a Christmas breakfast and present-opening fest with our immediate family on Christmas morning. I’m glad that everyone loved their prezzies! I think that I’m far more excited about giving than getting them. Is that weird? Ha ha. Anyways, I got some hot dresses! Thank you Ally and Jeanine! I love them!

That evening we went over to a nearby Home for a delicious Christmas dinner! God bless Setareh and her baking skills. She makes a mean Bailey’s cheesecake, not to mention her coconut truffles! Wow.  – Like a little orgasm in your mouth, ha ha! 😛

Here are the pictures:

Thank You for coming down to Earth, Jesus, and rescuing us pathetic mortals from a dead-end life of sin. You’re the Best and I love You! But, You knew that… 🙂


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