A Prayer for the New Year

Sweet Jesus,

Thank You for a new chance to be something and somebody new.

Thank You for Your undying mercy and grace and forgiveness, for me, and for everyone.

Thank You for choosing me to be here on this Earth, to make a difference, even if it’s just a small difference in the lives of these, right here around me.

Thank You for last year and all that I was able to experience:

Thank You for the moments that made me smile, that made me laugh, on the inside.

Thank You for those You put around me that helped me to enjoy this gift of life.

Thank You for those who loved me, and those I loved.

Thank You also for the times that I cried, the times that I felt pain, on the inside.

Thank You for those times that made me desperate, that made me run to You. Thank You for taking what was me, and making of it something else. Thank You for not allowing me to go on ahead on my own, but instead taking my hand, and holding me through the storms, and the shadows, and the valleys of death.

Thank You for this new year now. Thank You that by Your grace I will still be standing tall at the end of the new year and looking back with pride, as I am now.

Thank You for Your strength and for Your hope that I will go on to make it.

Thank You that all the mud of this world washes away every time I look to You. Thank You for taking the confusion that surrounds me and making it all disappear.

Thank You for Your all-encompassing, unconditional love.

Thank You for Your promise of tomorrow.

For all this and so much more, I thank You.


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