A Different Kind of Christmas…

I think this Christmas is gonna be one for the history books. For several reasons:

Well, I got my first wish. It snowed yesterday! 🙂 I haven’t had a white Christmas since 2001, so that’s been pretty special…

I’m relearning what it’s like to be a Canadian, ha! It’s freezing, for one. I’m certainly not used to the weather here, and I have this awful cold right now, but I’m sure it’ll start to grow on me.

For two, the fashion here and just what’s “in” and what’s “trendy” is almost opposite that of SA. Even the music they listen to. I’ve never really been a conformer, but being laughed at every day is beginning to grate on my nerves, ha ha. Nah, it’s not that bad, but we’ll see how it goes and if I’ll transform into a “Roman while in Rome”… 😛

This will be my second Christmas as an invalid! 😦 At least I had about a 5-year break in-between. Ha! I guess the Lord knows what’s good for me and my lacks in the area of humility. The worst part about it is not being able to run away from creepy, small men that stand at every corner. (I kid you not, infestation like you wouldn’t believe!) Also, Christmas shopping is going  to take a very long time, since I won’t be able to rush around last-minute, like I usually do.

I’ve been reacquainted with heaps of old friends, from as far back as 10 years ago! Everyone’s got new lives and bustling careers, and most of them have growing families as well. Which reminds me, I have not been able to have one conversation so far without the question coming up as to whether I’m pregnant or not. Geez…can’t a girl be chubby anymore? 😛 Just for the fun of it, sometimes I’ll rub my stomach and answer “Why yes!, I am!” 😀 Exuberantly. Just like that.

I have mixed feelings and reactions towards Christmas this year, just because there are so many things going on in my life right now – both emotionally and physically – and I’m also just not used to having a undefined plan. Control-freakism, you know? 😛

Also, my nephew Reife has been very sick. My sister, Ally, is pregnant and having to stay at the hospital with him on a very tiny little person’s bed. I know that I keep asking you over and over to pray for him to get better, but it’s not only your powerful prayers, but also just knowing that you are praying that’s giving her the strength every day to keep going. So, please don’t stop. Thank you so very much!

Well, the Lord has never ever let me down, in all of my 25 years (even though sometimes it seemed that He did…), so I know that He’s going to be here with me throughout this turbulent time, as He always has been. I just hope and pray that I don’t let Him down during His birthday season, by focusing too much on my own problems and situation, and not giving Him the gifts He needs and wants most.

“Giving to Jesus and others equals happiness at Christmas. So do so, and you can know that there is no Person in the Universe happier than Him. This is not just a special time, but a special opportunity.”


2 responses to “A Different Kind of Christmas…

  1. Hi Joyce, please let your sister know that we’re really really praying for Reife. We know the Lord is with him during this time, comforting him. I’m praying for you this Christmas. I know the Lord can do a miracle for your leg. Maybe it’ll be His Christmas present to you. Have faith. Christmas is a time when magic happens more so than other times. Love you xxx Cristina

  2. I will certainly let her know! Thanks so much for all your prayers and kindness! Love and miss you and the kiddos incredibibily! 😀

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