Eish, shame…

So, this just in:

I’ll be staying here in this freezing country until March! Sob. There go all my high hopes for a hot and steamy Christmas… 😦

I will actually be experiencing my 3rd winter in a row now, since I’ve changed hemispheres back and forth 3 times in the last year. And in fact, if I won’t be back in South Africa until March, I’ll be going right into my 4th consecutive winter!! Grr…

Well, PTL. I guess the Lord knows. It’s come to the point where He’s at the wheel and I’m having to just trust Him for the ride. But thank you anyways, for all your prayers.

In other news…

  • I started practicing Christmas carols with the girls here, and we’ll be spreading our lovely (?) voices around the city this year. Beware! 😛
  • I got to see the National Ballet of Canada perform at the Four Seasons Centre yesterday. Simply astounding! I was so wowed, I was speechless for the whole 4 hours! It was amazing! Ha ha. I doubt I will ever be able to dance again! The tickets were $140 a piece, no joke! :O That’s how good they are! This made me all the more grateful to have been invited along by a friend whom I haven’t seen a long time. It was simply lovely! TYJ! 🙂
  • My nephew, Reife, is not doing well at all (Please continue to keep him in your prayers!), so he and his parents will be coming up here so he can get better medical care. I’m glad that I will be able to spend Christmas with two of my sisters this year, as we’ve missed many Christmases together, and Lord knows we should be there for each other at this time in our lives. Of course, I will still severely miss my baby girl. 😦 We love you, Lizzi! I’ll be home soon!!
  • I saw “2012” last night, and I’m determined to prepare appropriately by doing the following 5 things in the next two years’ time:
  1. study astrophysics furiously until I’m able to clearly understand the inner and outer workings of the universe
  2. make enough money to buy an airplane
  3. learn how to fly said airplane
  4. befriend a Russian mobster
  5. in case everything from #1-4 fails, make my peace with God. 🙂

2 responses to “Eish, shame…

  1. hahaha…Russian Mobster? ok….2012 hasn’t come out here yet….but I’ll have to see it soon. I miss you too. I’m still feeling bitter about the three of you organizing a tidy little Christmas reunion without me. If mom and dad make it up there as well this c-mas there will be harsh words…it’s just too obvious. IT’S CUZ I’M GREEN ISN’T IT???

  2. Ha ha, Mom and Dad won’t come, don’t you worry! And excuse me, you have all been having these “tidy little reunions” for years now, and I’ve been off on an island alone! So it’s high time! 😛
    Nah, we will miss you terribly, and you know it… 😦

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