Please pray for Reife!

Dear Ones,

Please join us in desperate and focused prayer for my nephew, Liam Reife (2 years old), who needs you right now. He has been having occasional seizures over the last year. However, they’ve become increasingly frequent this last month, and today he had more than several in a row.

He was recently put on a new medication program, and his body seems to be having trouble adjusting to it. Please pray that he gets accustomed to this new medication (Keppra), and that he doesn’t continue having seizures while he’s on it. When he has several consecutive seizures, he becomes unresponsive, doesn’t talk, etc. as the seizures exhaust him and take a lot out of him.

Please also pray for his parents, Ally and Gabe, for strength, faith and the Lord’s leading and guidance in what to do.

Thank you for your prayers! Please know that they are tremendously appreciated. God bless you.

Desperate prayer in the power of the keys can overcome all odds, reverse damage, and bring complete victory in even the most seemingly impossible situations.


3 responses to “Please pray for Reife!

  1. aww poor fellow!! I WILL pray for that little man. And as for you….you’re in South Africa?? Nice going from Taiwan…


  2. Awww, poor guy! We’re definitely praying for his quick recovery & that his health will become more stable! And praying for Ally & Gabe, too!

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