So, tomorrow is the big day – the day of reckoning, if you will! – that will decide whether I’ll be staying here in Canada until March, or if I can go Home for Christmas! 😀

I would appreciate your prayers (if you have any left in you!) for it to go well at the legal office, that I will get a very sweet rep behind the counter who will just push the paperwork right through, and that ultimately the Lord’s Will be done.

Thank you so so much for continuing to keep me in your prayers even though it must be wearisome to get all these requests every other day. Please know that I am extremely grateful and I know He’s only doing it because of you. Thank you!


3 responses to “Dealbreaker

  1. Gosh Joyce that’s good to hear! I’ll pray fervently indeed for it….that you can come back that is:D!

  2. yeah otherwise Phil is going to have to spend all his money on a ticket to Canada to give you a spanking….! believe it.

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