This is my baby sister:


And today is her birthday. Yay! You’re 15 now, Jules! My Lord, how gorgeous you have grown! I love and miss you in so many ways!

I love your energy and how you’re so bubbly and always bouncing off of the walls!

I also love your sensitive side, how things touch you, and how every friend means so much to you.

I love your immense amounts of talents, and how you’ve already far surpassed me in every area!

I love your voice! Once in awhile I just put on a little something I like to call “The Best Weapon!” and have myself a listen. Ha ha ha…! 😛

I love your hugs and affection, and how you show me that you love me!

I looooove your giggle! It’s so infectious and makes me happy!

I love and miss you too too much, Wiener. Don’t forget that! Have yourself one heck of an awesome birthday! Mwah! xxx


2 responses to “Wiener!

  1. Happy Birthday Julie!! I sent a birthday pressent back down with Mary, hope you like it…
    Have a great party, and a great 15th year.
    Love ya,

  2. Julie, you are the beautifulest Lady Julianna to ever walk the earth. Stay your awesome self. Be nice to all those boys. 😉 Hope you had a blast on your b-day.

    And if it seems like your comment is decidedly shorter than the one on Lesty, then it’s cuz I already commented on “Take-a-Peek”.


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