I’m 25?!

Yeah, I’m one of those eschatology-crazed kids that was almost completely sure I would hardly reach age 14! Imagine my surprise then the other day when BOOM! suddenly my birthday is upon me and I’m not being translated to the Heavenly Pyramid in the Sky through the Rapture, but instead waking up to “Happy Birthday Joycee!! You’re old now! How do you feel?” Hmm…really not a morning person…grr…

001Waking up

Anyways! Thanks to my loving Home members, my fantastic friends, and most of all, my kind-and-sacrificial-to-a-fault stellar sister, Lizzi, I had a fun-filled (more like packed!) birthday! – In stark contrast to last year this same time, when I was sitting in the Buffalo, NY airport for 17 hours, alone, broke and starving!

Tuney and Thomas cooked up an excellent breakfast feast to start the day off right. Thanks you two! So yum!

Celly stuck about 50 bobby pins in my hair, and then we were off to watch the Currie Cup Semi-finals at Dros: Sharks vs. Cheetahs. The Sharks were rightfully winning until the last 3 minutes. Those evil speedy Cheetahs! Argh… At least the Blue Bulls won the second game! Gaan Blou Buls! The sweet Dros staff gave me a complimentary birthday sundae, though they refused to sing for me! Hmph!

For dinner, Juju took me out to Chinese. Can’t ever go wrong with a gift like that! (Everyone, except for me, seemed to be infatuated with the sesame balls in particular.) Aww…I love you Andrew! What a darling boy you are. I will surely miss you! 😦

Then it was party time! The theme was “Casino”, which turned out to be applied quite loosely for some. Ha ha. But, not Critter, of course, who thought he actually was a mafioso named ‘Angelo’. And, growwwl, most of the boys dressed up real nice and classy! I was so proud of them. Heh. 😛

People got me birthday prezzies! That was the sweetest thing ever! Thank you all soooo much! I was really not expecting that! (Thank you especially to Tina for my new nail-clipper. JUST what I wanted! Not kidding! And to Celly for the kakinotane!!)

It was simply an awesome birthday. All a crippled girl could ask for, really. -Complete with open bar, steely poker faces, 30-Second rambling and subsequent laughter, and Kings push-ups and lap dances! Ha ha ha ha…well, you kind of had to be there to get the joke… 🙂

The biggest thank you goes to Lizzi, who was such a star the whole day, and even before, trying to plan and get everything to be just perfect for me. And her toast too! Aww…I don’t even know what to say! I love you, SweetPea, and I’m so glad you could be here to celebrate my birthday with me! What would I do without you?

And here are all the rest of the photos. Sorry, there are thousands!

I just realized that this was one of the only birthdays I have ever celebrated on the actual day. How special am I? 😛 Heh…


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