Ahh…The Libran Life…!

This is my 100th Post, and the winner goes to…

Libra black

It’s finally that time of year to celebrate the wonderful world of the Libran Legend! When I started to count up what turned out to be the longest list ever of the gazillion Librans I know and love, I understood right then why my life has been so blessedly fantastical! 😛

I don’t have all of your photos, however, so this small slideshow will have to suffice. (Sorry, it may take a while to load…)

If you google ‘Fun Facts about Libras’ (who would ever do that??), you’ll get all sorts of rubbish and lies thrown at you. About the only absolute truths I could filter from my ‘research’ were these:

1.) Libras are social animals that love their friends and family.
2.) Justice, balance and passion are the three main qualities of a Libra.
And tossed in for good measure:
3.) Libras are undoubtedly the most popular sunsign of them all!

Better believe it. 😛

Thank God for Libras! Happy Birthday, y’all! I’m more than happy to be born under the same stars as you! 😉 Here’s to an awesome new year. It will be what we make it!


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