Home Sweet Home

Oh, I just found this in my drafts from April! Ha ha…nice! It still rings true, so I thought to post it anyways. Here you are:

Anyone who knows me at all knows that my family is and always has been at the top of my “needs list”, and living away from them for many years now hasn’t always been easy. Although there isn’t anyone who can take any of their places in my heart and life, I can’t help but be so grateful for the Lord’s love for me these past years. He’s surrounded me with friends and loves to, at least partially, fill that vacuum for unconditional love and acceptance that most people can only receive from immediate family and relatives, if even that.

Flying across the world to a field I swore I would never ever live in, leaving close friends, living with almost perfect strangers, being introduced to new languages and culture, adapting every day – all of this is part of being a missionary and a disciple for the Lord. This we know and live. This we were prepared for. And that’s why I feel compelled to share my joy with you over how thankful I am. The Lord has really done it again in giving me such amazing, sweet, happy, thoughtful, generous  Home members to live and work with. I love you guys to bits!

There’s such a feeling of relief to move to a new Home and find a new family instead. 🙂



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