Didymus is 24!!

So, I’m broke, and cannot afford to buy you the perfect prezzie that you rightly deserve, Didymus! But, I thought maybe I could write you a small snazzy post, and you may just look the other way and let it slip by, at least for this year…?

Here goes then:

Tumnus, although I righteously found you to be not-so-subtly creepy when I first met you (mwhahahaha!), I marvel that in the last seven months, how you have changed! Or…maybe I’ve just changed? 😛

You’ve always got:

a listening ear

a winning smile

a witty joke

a twinkling eye

a ready pair of arms reaching out for a hug

a sympathetic squeeze

an encouraging comment

a LOUD tune (albeit on key! 😉 heh) to share with us

a smidgen of reason (sorry, you’ll never have my mantle though…)

an interesting point of view

a dorky dance move! Ha ha ha…

a perfect compliment

a snug little place in my heart! 😉

Thomas and I

Happy Birthday Thomas. Here’s to all the good times! Thanks for always being you. One day all your quirky dreams will come true. Don’t you worry.

You know I love you. 😉 Mwah! xxx


3 responses to “Didymus is 24!!

  1. Yeah, look there you go again, commenting after my post;) No I’m kidding you’re the perfect friend…I’m more the stalker:P Mwah

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