Pray for me…

So, I’ll be taking a trip to Canada to work on some paperwork and a few other things that need attention. The only thing is that I’m highly strapped for cash! But, since the Lord did say it was His Will for me to go, I know He’ll provide. I would just like to ask if you all wouldn’t mind praying for my fundraising, as it’s been slow, and my departure date isn’t so far away.  Thank you so much! I really depend on your prayers and appreciate them alot!

Here’s a key you can claim:

Key Promise:

“Whatsoever you ask in faith and in the power of the keys will be given you. You face obstacles and you have needs, yet My promises are as good as money in the bank-even better! Stretch your faith and claim more than you’re used to claiming. I will honor My promises and supply what you’re asking for.”

Lots of love,



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