Bottomless Pizza!

We went out for all-you-can-eat pizza at Panarotti’s for Mari’s and Critter’s birthdays last week. Since we weren’t able to eat until 9pm, I was positively dying of starvation, and disgracefully scarfed down four huge slices in about 10 minutes. Ugh. Only then did it hit me that I was so full I couldn’t move, and I had to stay absolutely still for the next hour, while everyone else happily ate all they could…Grr… 😦

Ha ha, but it was fun, nonetheless. – Made more so by the happy clappy waiter crew who came out and sung their Panarotti’s birthday song. How that brought cheer to our little hearts! And God bless the manager who donated the dinner. He was such a sweetie. Coincidentally, it turns out he and Critter share the same birthday.

Some photos for you:


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