FDTP Witnessing

The FDTP attendees performed a powerful street play to the song “Everything”, by Lifehouse, at Hatfield Square two consecutive nights this week. It was very well-acted and I was impressed! GBT!

A few other Homes came along to help with the personal witnessing side of things, and after the play we all teamed up with the attendees and peppered the Square with the Gospel. Yeah! 😛

The cool thing about witnessing at bars here in SA, is that naturally South Africans are quite conservative oaks, but with a little drinking (or alot!), they’ll finally open up and tell you what they actually think! -Which works splendidly.

The first night, Christian and I met this rowdy table of African students, each with their own view on religious beliefs. One of them claimed he was a Communist, and another a Muslim. So, that made for lively discussion. After yelling above the various sources of the din (loud music, the game on TV, each other trying to speak/shout at the same time, etc…), the Lord broke through and we ended up leading them all in the salvation prayer. TYJ! It’s actually difficult to pray with people here in SA, as most people are already saved. So, that was a victory.

The next night I met these three awesome Afrikaans guys who called me over to their table because they had questions about the play. One of the guys belonged to a very high-commitment “sect” (as he called it), and didn’t believe that any of us, saved or unsaved, spirit or body, could go to Heaven until after the Rapture. The other two guys were very open to the “salvation by grace”‘ message, but this one guy was so pushy about his doctrine, that they kind of just went along with him. I started silently praying for the Lord to change something in the spirit quick, or I was gonna give up! A couple of minutes later, his phone rang and he excused himself. I was then able to pray with the other two guys to receive the Lord. PTL! They’re both super psyched about coming over to the house for our bi-weekly Church of Love meetings!

My favorite part of the evening, was when one of the guys I was witnessing to looked around at all of us talking to people in the Square, and said, “Oh, I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, but most of the people in your missionary group are quite good-looking!” Ha ha… so sweet! 😛

Here are some photos (apologies for the quality!):


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