That I-talian Donna

Nicolasa! It’s your birthday, my sweets! That Peter guy better have something terribly romantic planned tonight – under the Parisian stars with the Eiffel as your skyline backdrop! Sip that Frenchie wine and think of me!

I love you heaps, and I miss your friendship. Here are a few little thankfulnesses:

Thank you for always being there for me back in Texas, and for adopting me as a friend when I was so clueless.

Thank you for always being a sight for sore eyes and managing to look so strikingly beautiful every darn day!

Thank you for changing your mind and coming with me on the Caribbean cruise, I know what a tough tough choice that must have been, eh? 😛

Thank you for your unconditional listening ear of understanding and for your underlying vote for love in everything you do and say!

I wish you all the best in your new year! God knows you’ve got an awesome future ahead of you, full of surprises and challenges. They’ve already begun now! You’re always in my prayers! Make me proud! Mwah! xxx

PS: Oh, and yes, I think you’ll make an excellent mother! 😉


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