Darling, Darling

Dude, it actually happened. You turned 25!? Soon it’ll be my turn, and I sure hope you didn’t lose it and scream as I will most definitely be doing on that fateful day of grand destiny! Ha ha…

It’s been so freezing cold here, which is the weirdest July weather I’ve ever had to go through. Ha! But today it was actually pleasant enough to not have to dress like an Eskimo! It was just perfect: bright and sunny with a slight breeze. And that made me think of you! You’ve always been my sunshine, Pri.

I just want you to know that there’s never ever gonna be a time in my life where I don’t look back and sigh when I think on what we had. You’re the best friend anyone could hope for, because you’re always there for the people that you care about. And I know you’ll always be there for me, despite all my strange and kooky hang-ups, my incessant mood swings, and how I never ever learn. I’m crazy like that, I know. I’m forgetful and I make heaps of “friend-related” mistakes. But you aren’t, and you don’t.

If it weren’t for you, I don’t think I could have made it through two of the toughest years of my life. You kept me on the straight and narrow! I know you’re gonna say that it was all the Lord, and I know it’s true too. But, thank you for letting Him use you, and thank you for being my own personal little bit of Jesus “bound in shoe leather”.

I know you’re going through some rough stuff right now too, and I wish I could be there to return the favor by hugging you and telling you everything’s gonna be alright. But all I really can do is remind you of how many times the Lord has brought you and me through difficult stuff, and all I can do is pray for you fervently, and all I can do is wish you a year filled with timely surprises and awesome victories! – And let’s not forget: loads and loads of fun as well!

Happy Birthday Priya Maria! I love you far more than you could ever imagine! And if it were possible, I miss you even more than that! Go out and party and get yourself something pretty! 🙂

Priya and I

Oh, and don’t you ever forget me! Yes ma’am?


One response to “Darling, Darling

  1. You are a darling! Made my day! Sorry, we can’t really go anywhere as they are very selective in what they allow us to see here…ahem! Thanks for the lovely post, as always it is the Lord that brings out any good in me. I love you to bits and will never forget you and your wonderful, honest friendship. I love you and miss you heaps xxx

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