Recent Happenings and Such…

I just thought I’d post some photos to justify myself to you all for not updating, and show you how busy we’ve been these last couple of months… 😛

First, here are the captions:

  • We had an awesome Home Family Day this month: Took everyone out to mini-golf, had a picnic lunch, went ice-skating (which I haven’t done since I was 14!), and then ate dinner at a Pizzeria. And, everything was provisioned! Jesus is so good to us! Most fantastical. 🙂
  • For Jesse’s birthday, Lizzi and I took him out to eat Chinese food for the first time! You’ll see how we tried to teach him to use chopsticks, but to no avail…ha ha!
  • We went to the nearby Kareoke bar a few times, where we almost always have a great night out! ( – Unless, of course, the drunken, tone-deaf Afrikaans get there first! Why do you think I’m always trying to push us out the door quickly, people? 😛 )
  • Haven and Meg came to visit, which made me particularly very happy! It was so nice to see you again. Miss you!
  • We took Lizzi on her first African personal witnessing expedition to the university close by. Man, was that hilarious! She couldn’t hold a straight face the entire time, and kept asking people these strange questions. But it was fun and fruitful too, don’t you worry!

And here are your photos:


6 responses to “Recent Happenings and Such…

  1. I found myself on your blog. Miss you, Joyce.
    That’s quite the handsome man you got in your Home there.

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