Take Time to Love!

I had some awesome Word time today. Cut me deep. And how great that did feel! Ha! Read on…

Take Time to Love! (ML#3786)


“Someone doesn’t have to be perfect in order to deserve your love.”

“Love is what our mission is all about. Love is the trademark of the Family—or it should be!”

“It’s an occupational hazard to size up your co-workers, assessing whether or not you’ll make it as a winning team, and measuring whether everyone is doing their part, and without realizing it, sometimes slip into a negative mindset about your brothers and sisters.”

“Instead of looking at what your brothers and sisters are “producing,” or how much you feel they’re giving, or how worthy they are of your love and sacrifices, ask the Lord for an infilling of His unconditional love.”

“Ask the Lord to give you some of that kind of love – Love that loves even if the person is late or selfish or rude or unkempt or disorganized or just plain in the wrong.”

“When you’re focused on your own needs and what you want to do, you can’t even see the needs of others, much less be bothered to fill them.”

“All your sacrifices are worthless without love. All your strenuous efforts are of no avail, they’re completely useless, without love.”

“Without love, you won’t reach your Offensive goals. It’s as simple as that.”

See what I mean? Makes you search your heart to be sure. Sheesh… it’s actually really sad how unloving I am. 😦 Please check me on this when/if you notice me getting out of line, critical, negative, or just plain unloving. I really need it.

What about you? How much time do you spend loving others?


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