Can’t complain…

Here’s a typical Afrikaans conversation for you:

Johann: “Riann, where are you from just now?”

Riann: “I’m from the shops.”

Johann: “Is it?”

Riann: “Jah.”

Johann: “Shame…”

Riann: “Jah. How’s it?”

Johann: “Good, and yer?”

Riann: “Good, and yer?”

Johann: “Can’t complain.”

Riann: “Right then. Must get home. Keep well.”

Johann: “Jah. Keep well.”

Ha ha ha…I know, right? It takes a while to actually understand what exactly they’re on about, but it starts to grow on you after awhile. I haven’t stooped  to “Is it?” yet, but “Shame…” is definitely finding it’s way in there… sigh.

Now that testimony time is out of the way…

I know, I’ve been highly delinquent with this blog thing. And I bet Flori, with her bold accusations of me being the “Farmer who never updates”, is sitting at her computer right now thinking she’s the righteous queen of all truths! Pshaw!

Ironically, things have been busy and happening, and thank God for Lizzi with her camera or I would surely vanish off of the face of the internet universe. We’ve documented some lovely times of late…

Best of which: our CGO Board friendlies coming for a visit. Aww…it was so nice to see everyone. – Though also terribly nostalgic. Thank you so much to Vinnie, Pri and Ally for the prezzies you sent! It was like Christmas in July. Truly a treat! 🙂 I love them!

And we had to say farewell to Mike and Liz, an awesomely stellar couple, who we madly miss already! Waahh… 😦

Here are some pics from the last few parties and get-togethers:

Yep. Gotta admit, God is good. Can’t complain. 🙂


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