Trip to Botswana

A couple weeks back, I asked you to pray for my and Crit’s visa trip to Botswana. Thank you so much for those prayers! Tiago and Angie came with, and we had a safe and fun 3-day trip. (As you’ll see in Crit’s favorite photo, we left at 4:35am Wednesday morning, and arrived back home Saturday evening.) The Lord provided everything we needed, TYJ! We stayed in the cutest little bread n’ breakfast lodges, and we were more than well-fed. GB the boys who did most of the provisioning, and all of the protecting!

Just kidding, Botswana wasn’t at all like I thought it would be – of course. Ha! It’s a lot like here actually, with some exceptions. I especially enjoyed some of the very peculiar road signs and unique brand names for things, and also the different exotic animals that randomly cross the road. It’s too bad I didn’t get photos of everything awesome, but here are some from Crit’s camera:


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