Lizzi Birthday Happy

Lizzi is finally around for her birthday, after all these many years!

I took her out for a surprisingly authentic Chinese dinner at a nearby restaurant the night before. That was delish! Been missing some good food around here…

Then we were off to Club Stones for what turned into five hours of hardcore dancing, which was more like hardcore longsuffering through that awful music! Ha! TYJ anyways, we had fun.

The next morning, the undefeatable chef team of Sweet Petunia, Thomas and Sara were up long before the birthday girl preparing a pancake feast for us all! GBY guys and thank you so much!

Lizzi got to attend her first “friendly” football match here that afternoon, and scored some sneaky goals, ahem! 😛

Later that evening, we celebrated with fellow birthday-mate – Marcos – over at the Vine Home. They have an awesome fireplace, albeit outside in the freezing cold lapa area. I was so wiped out from the past few days, but still, it was fun enough.

I hope you had a lovely birthday, Babette! We tried our very best! I love you! xxx


2 responses to “Lizzi Birthday Happy

  1. Aww, love you Joycee!!! You threw such a great birthday party week!! The Chinese food was amazing. Sorry if I was half-dazed the whole time from being high on jet-lag…
    I’m so happy to come live with you after so long. TTL that it all finally worked out. We’re going to have a rockin’ year!

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