Best News

So, best news of the year: Lizzi arrived yesterday – flying straight from a 17-hour stopover in Paris (such a brat, I know!). She’s sleeping off her jet-lag right now, to get ready for the torrent of sisterly love that will inevitably be coming her way! I haven’t lived with her for almost 8 years, so this should be a wild ride! 😛

And (maybe) fourth-best news of the year: Barcelona annihilated Manchester United last night 2-0 in the loudest football game I’ve ever been to watch here in South Africa! – Made so by the angry and supportive fans in our livingroom, of course. It was heaps and heaps of fun not only hurling phony insults, but also screaming our brains out rooting for the champions, though sadly my voice is now gone! Och, shame.

Here are your photos:

(I know what you’re thinking: Our TV “screen” was QUITE interesting, I must admit…)


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