Them Raging Bulls…!

I dare say I may not be able to keep up with a) this blog thingie, b) our unstable internet connection, and c) everyone’s birthday salutations besides.

But I did want to give due page space, at least this once, in praise of the driving force of the Bulls who have helped to shape my oblong life! Jokes aside, you have really had a huge influence in my life, all you Taureans – the largest part of the blame going to my dear mother, ha! 😛

Here’s a grateful shout out to these lovable, but firm, cornerstones of a successful missionary’s life. If you do not have at least one Taurean in your present social circle, order today! You have no idea what amazing life values you are missing out on. I’m serious!

I love and dearly miss

your frankness, Lily, and how you always go to the Word for everything!

your humor, Patrick, and your constant need for affection!

your patient friendship, Hickey, and how you overlook my faults…

your laugh, Lori, (especially when you’re laughing at me!) and your sample of soldiering on.

your matter-of-fact calmness, Colm, and your wicked right foot in soccer.

your smile, Hiki Matsuoka (yes, I know TWO Taurean Hikarus!), and the way you somehow always made me smile (I also miss the way your eyes disappear when you smile…heh heh…)!

your silly self, Jon Jon, and your hugs!

your charm, Meggy Meg, and the way you’re too responsible for everything, that you make me feel very immature… 😛

your quirky insults, David, and how shameful you seem when you show off your innate fear of me!

your sense of right and wrong, Connie, and the way everything is ‘just so’.

your open mind, Tina Paone, and how willing you are to live the Word.

your sweet spirit, Liz Paone, and how refreshingly friendly you were to me for no reason whatsoever!

your unconditional love, Mum, and how weird it is that I want to be like you when/if I grow up. 😛

And, I’m sure that heaps more of you have a special place in my heart, only I lack time to properly thank you for it. Happy Birthdays to you all! May the Lord’s abundant blessings (in the form of pizza and beer) rain down hard upon you! And may this coming year be monumental – just for you. I love ya! xxx


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