World’s Greatest Mum

From humble start and pure of heart

She loved the One above

And to this end, whenever when

She’d get a chance to love

She never thought a selfish thought

And always helping others

Her sacrifice, the best advice

For my sisters and my brother

Through troubled times and desperate times

She fought on through it all

And if indeed we’d have a need

She see to it, big or small

And even now, somewhere, somehow

If you need her, count it done

We’ll each attest, she’s just the best

Our brilliant, lovely Mum! 🙂

I love you Mum! I haven’t been able to get online, as our internet contract ended abruptly and they won’t renew it, so I’m sorry if I haven’t been on. I wish I could call and talk to you, but this will just have to suffice. I sure hope you’re getting the day off and that Dad is spoiling you rotten! 😛 Happy Birthday and Happy Mother’s Day too! Thank you for always being someone I can look up to. Mwah! xxx

(I wanted to say a huge “I’m really sorry” to all of my fav Taureans whose birthdays have passed by without a mention from me at all. The above explanation has had us stuck between a rock and a hard place with internet cafes charging exorbitant amounts for minimum time online. But do not fear! We should be ordering again soon, and when we do, believe me, you shalt be exalted! Heh. Till then…)


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