Happy birthday JuJu and Christian!

Once a month we all take a day off together, what we call “Home Family Day”. This was my first one here. It started the night before with a delicious buffet dinner at a restaurant close by. GB Mike for provisioning it! A few other friends and family were able to come along as well, among them Critter and Sarah, who have been over at the house visiting. The next day began with a scrumptious and lavish breakfast prepared by our very own gourmet chefs: Sweet Petunia, Thomas, and Sarah! Then there was paint-ball, which I decidedly passed on, since I still bear the scars from a paint-ball battle 6 years ago! But it seems I really missed out. 😦

Later in the afternoon we went for soccer, which is always a delight, although my lack of skill is also always disappointing, ha! We raced back home to a BBQ (or, as they call it here, a braai) and beers. I haven’t quite fallen head over heels in love with the South African beers just yet. It’s a work in progress.

Today also happened to be Andrew’s and Christian’s birthdays which was lovely to celebrate with them. Happy Birthday guys! You are two of my favorite people in this country, just so you know! – Aries gentlemen…sigh! 😛

The evening was chock full of out-of-the-ordinary excitement, including a strange rose-petal ceremony, the introduction of possibly the longest BBQed sausage I’ve ever seen (called a “boerewor”), funky Willie Nelson music, and the sweetest marriage proposal ever! May Petunia and Juju live happily ever after!

All in all, it was a stellar day! Thanks to everyone who helped to make it so, and TYJ most of all!

Here are some photos:


2 responses to “Happy birthday JuJu and Christian!

  1. Joyce and Crit I miss and love you guys so so much! I pray for you guys often. hugs and kisses xoxoxox

  2. Thank you Pazzy! We need all the prayers we can get! I love and miss you tons too! Please send my love to everyone back home too! xxx

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