Happy Birthday Jono!


Happy Birthday, my Love.

I hope and pray you’ll find your way through this coming year

With more hope and cheer than the last

I wish you all that God can bring you and more

I pray that you’ll have the wisdom to change all those things you think you should, and the courage to do so, as well

I wish you life and love galore and pretty faces too 😉

I know you’ll have to fight a lot of battles, and I pray you can take them like a man, or at least find a nice strong woman to fight them for you…heh 😛

I wish that you could find sweet contentment in the 40-11 tats that you already have, and not try emblazoning more onto your body.

I wish that if you could care about only one thing I say, it would be that one.

I hope you dance, because God knows when you do, you’re bound to make someone take notice. And you never know, you just might change their life

I hope that, come year’s end, you’ll be relieved to have lived it to the full

I wish that one day someday I’ll see you again, and I hope it will be sometime in this century

I pray for you every single day

And I hope you know I love you

Happy Birthday, Puppy, and here’s to many more! Have a rockin’ party, and a little extra fun just for me, eh? “For he’s a damn jolly good fellow…” etc etc.

(You know, come to think of it, you’re a real bloghater. Not quite sure why I’m even posting this for you…)


One response to “Happy Birthday Jono!

  1. Thanks a ton Pookie, I especially loved the part about the tattoos..sweet contentment haha. well, we’ll see about that. I love you tons. XOXOXO

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