Tina and Sam’s Engagement Party

The very next day after impersonating a satanic zebra, we were invited to wine and dine in poshy cocktail dresses at Tina and Sam’s engagement party. If I didn’t already have a slight schitzophrenic disorder, this may have been very difficult. I was sooo tired, as it was, and I put off getting ready until the very last possible minute, hoping against hope that the car would leave without me, heh…

But, no such luck, and thank God for that! My lethargic fears were allayed immediately and I quickly saw the error of my previous ways. I wouldn’t have missed it for anything – it was lovely! There were drinks and snacks and live entertainment by guest contributions. The talent in this country! – Amazing stuff! My Home (Lynnwood) tried to come up quickly with a decent enough presentation for the happy couple that was both sweet and foolish, but, sadly, we didn’t get very far at all, ha ha… 😛

You can go to Tina’s blog for a full rendition of the afternoon and evening, and for some more photos as well.

Congratulations to Tina and Sam! xxx


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