Punkish Pisces Party

So, I did what I vowed to never do! (Doll and Jenn, please do not read any further!) I feel like I have turned my back on everything I know to be true! Hypocrisy to the highest level… But, in my defense, I did not have another option! 😦

Two sweet Pisces boys named Noah and Steve celebrated their birthdays by inviting all Homes in the area to come dressed up as their individual Homes wished. My delightful Home decided to out-vote me by choosing a Goth-Punk theme. I was in sore distress for about 2 hours, wondering if after years and years of preaching against punk fashion, God could ever forgive me for deliberately sinning, but He reassured me that when in Rome, I must do as the Romans. Whew! No extra lifetime in Purgatory…

In the end, besides becoming overheated under a gazillion striped layers, it was actually quite fun. Of course, I had to meet heaps of new people and repeat my life story over and over again, but there were a few familiar faces too, TYJ. The other Homes were inventive in their costumes as well, good for them. Crit’s Home was dressed as the TIV dancers, dear Lord…and they tried their hand at witnessing to us pagan punks and praying over us as well, GBT. Ha ha…But despite their best efforts, our Home still won the prize for best-dressed! Yay… 😛

As you’ll see in the pictures, besides dancing our hearts out, we also were coerced into playing a few funky party games, one of which involved a complete stranger shoving his hand down my skirt! Oh well, at least we won the party game…


One response to “Punkish Pisces Party

  1. I’m surprised you remember anything at all, Grace. Never thought you’d recall anything after the arrival…..but good on you! This PARTY was feet-stampingly good!

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