Witnessing Rocks!

I was privileged to participate in the “Church of Love” meeting/class here on Sunday, which was the first of hopefully many many more.

The topic of the Word and discussion was ‘Yieldedness and Surrender’. We sang some songs along that line, and held communion as well. At one point in the programme, the Lord showed us to each write down what He specifically wanted us to let go and give to Him, and we then took turns burning our lists. The spirit in the room was really heavy and intense, but the message was powerful! TYJ for Your Words!

The meeting lasted from 1-4pm. But as soon as it was over, in walked three more sheep, and so we started the class all over again! Ha ha. Talk about the Lord bringing flocks to our doorstep! The sheep here are incredibly receptive and attentive. So precious! 🙂 Lord help us to always be willing and ready to feed them the truth!

Everyone should be finished FEASTing by now, so here’s something awesome from “Spirit!” (ML#3740):

6. Clearly, we’ll have plenty of “plain old hard work” to do in order to bring about the Lord’s plan, but just working hard is not going to be anywhere near enough. It’s the Spirit that’s going to make the Offensive a success. God’s Spirit is going to open doors, lead us to the right places at the right times, bring people to our door, anoint us in our witnessing, winning, and training, and show us new methods and ways to do the job, just like in the days of the Early Church. The Holy Spirit “will make a massive difference in [our] success in reaping the final harvest” (“Pentecost 2008,” ML #3683:14, GN 1244). It’s going to be wonderful, because far-out things happen when the Spirit of God moves.

I’m excited! 😛 Are you?

In other news:

Happy 8th Birthday to my smidgen of a brother: Seanathan! I love you, you cute wittle hummus! I pray that this year you can learn and grow by leaps and bounds and become a smartie for Jesus! Be the best you can be! xxx



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