Jetlagging and French Manicures

What the demons of jetlag will make you do in the middle of the night…!



7 responses to “Jetlagging and French Manicures

  1. something I’ve been realizing….demons are getting seriously creative in their attacks… the other day when I woke up I realized the demons of sleep had made me tired….It’s The Offensive, I guess it can be expected.

  2. Joyce! ILY! Remember, the PMA is the reason for it all!
    I know that you are pMAking a difference over there! How we missed you today out singing. We learned a new song…can you believe it? People were even clapping and smiling at us. It felt pMAgical.

  3. Thomas, the Demon of Lethargy is nothing new, and neither are his attacks! Get yourself an alarm like we all agreed you would at Home Council last week…ha ha…!

    Haven! I miss you SO much! Did you get to see the PPT I made for you guys? I’m so happy you finally learned a new song, which one?

  4. For some reason I doubt the veracity of your words….unless I put my hands on your sides and touch your hands, I won’t believe it:P
    And puhlease….I had an alarm before you were even born Joyce….nyek-nyek

  5. Hi Joyce. Yes, we got the PPT and I loved it! I thot it was so nice of you to do that! We were all so sad to see you leave. Um, we learned this little song called “Eres Tu”. Nothing amazing, but we try. Keep living PMA!

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