The Bixler Farm

The four of us – Crit, CB, Crystal and I – who had teamed up to drive down to Ft. Lauderdale together stopped at CB’s family farm for a couple days on the way back from the cruise, before driving home to Texas. It turned out to be one of the better choices we’ve made so far this year. Thank you CB for coming up with the grand idea! CB’s family is so darling darling and adorable as heck! You can sure see where he gets all his quirkiness from, but mixed in is a whole lot of lovable fun as well!

I had two full days of first timers for me:

1.) Met the Bixlers!

2.) Drove a tractor

3.) Fed cows

4.) Rode a horse (yes, I had never done that before!)

5.) Got rolled by a horse (not a fun first, still have the bruises!)

6.) Shot a handgun (.38), two rifles, and a shotgun

7.) Got tinnitus from shooting a handgun (Crit would love to tell you a much-fabricated story about this, if you’ll believe him!)

8.) Climbed a silo (You can kinda see how tall it is from the photos.)

9.) Went fishing for three hours

10.) Caught a fish (a bass, to be exact!)

11.) Loved being on a farm!

And here are the photos:

Here’s a video of our horse riding through the woods. Our poor delusional boys who think we girls are lost and screaming. Pshaw!

And here’s CB trying to teach me how to hit a target with a rifle:


5 responses to “The Bixler Farm

  1. Super cool…. Wish I could have gone. Glad you got to do new things. XXX I love you and will miss you something terrible.

  2. I miss you Joyce. Going to the Farm with you is one of better things I’ve done in my life. I had so much fun. I love you and wish you were here still with me. Kisses -Crystal (Princess)

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